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The AI Companion for Dentists

  • Answer patient inquiries
  • Schedule appointments
  • Increase revenue by 30%
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Our Promise

Personalized Onboarding

Let our dedicated support team guide you through the integration process, addressing all your questions and concerns.

Tailored Training

Benefit from customized training sessions and resources designed to meet your specific needs.

Proactive Communication

Stay informed every step of the way with regular updates and transparent communication.

Hands-On Assistance

Our experts are here to offer you remote support, troubleshooting any issues and configuring settings to your satisfaction.

Comprehensive Documentation

Access our extensive guides and FAQs for self-help during integration.

Follow-Up Support

We're committed to your success, providing ongoing assistance even after integration is complete.

Continuous Improvement

Your feedback shapes our services. We're always striving to enhance your integration experience.

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Effortlessly Manage Appointments

Seamlessly schedule and manage appointments , reducing administrative burden and ensuring efficient use of clinic resources

Join 10,000+ happy customers

Enhance Patient Communication

Improve Patient Communication by handling omnichannel inquiries with professionalism and efficiency

Data Driven

Gain valuable insights into call volume, patient preferences and appointment patterns to improve operations and optimize patients care.

Personalized patient experience

Whether it's greeting them by name, providing tailored information about services, or offering personalized recommendations, Niah ensures that each interaction with patients is meaningful and engaging.

Powerful Companion

Available 24/7

10X cheaper than an extra staff member

Handles all appointments

Can quickly transfer call to humans when needed

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Seamless integrations
Customizable whatsapp and sms reminders
24/7 customer support
Customizable email reminders
Appointment scheduling
Respond to social media messages
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